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Women in Antitrust reading suggestion

Atualizado: 22 de set. de 2019

The Women in Antitrust reading suggestion this week is in English because the article was written by Ariel Irizar and Antonella Boidi, international WIAs. The article's name is "The cartel prosecution in the Argentine Republic" and it was published in the book "Women in Antitrust", Vol. 1. In summary, after making a comparative overview of the cartel legislation in Mercosur, the article analyzes the cartels prosecution in Argentina during the XX century until the enactment of the new Antitrust Law No. 27,442 in May 2018. One of the most important changes that the new Law introduced is the division between hard-core cartels and other collusive conducts. The article points out that such hard-core cartels have already been investigated and sanctioned in Argentina, a long time before the enactment of the new Law. The future antitrust case law will help to find out if the new category of hard-core cartels is efficient in Argentina to punish cartels. Good reading and good weekend!

Link: https://www.womeninantitrust.org/publicacoes

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